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Genova: le Strade Nuove e il Sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli

In July 16th 2006 ”Genova: le Strade nuove e il sistema dei palazzi dei Rolli” became inscribed as a World Heritage Site.
It preserves a unitary urban framework of the late-Renaissance and Baroque periods of more than 100 palaces of the noble families of Genoa. The grand residences, each one with its own architectural solution and individual character, were part of an official list (the Rolli) and randomly chosen to host visitors of the State. The palazzi, often erected on sloping ground, feature an atrium-courtyard-grand staircase-garden sequence and a wealth of internal decoration. They represent a specific social and economic identity which marked the beginning of the modern era of urban architecture in Europe.


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Operational guide lines are on the World Heritage Site.

The coordination of the working parties is entrusted to the Management of Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, which also performs the function of secretariat responsible for the organisational work and contacts with the world outside. Click here to contact us.