The rolli
in the Geoportal

Geoportal, a platform from the Municipality of Genoa, allows you to view different maps of the city of Genoa. From maps with green spaces to maps with tourist sites, as well as geomorphological maps and urban planning maps.

The map of "Genoa: the new streets and the System of the Lists" included in the Geoportal provides the list of over 150 buildings inventoried in the five known lists, the "Rolls of public housing" from the years 1576, 1588, 1599, 1614, and 1664. The 42 buildings that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the "Palazzi dei Rolli" system are shown in red, signaled by red plaques.

From the map, it is easy to perceive how the site is an represents an innovative and original urban planning scheme. The uniformity of the urban layout constitutes an extraordinary model of a noble residential subdivision, which today remains at the center of the modern city, in a prominent position linking the medieval streets to the south and the new areas of the city to the north.