Action plans

Action Plan 2020-2024

The Management Plan for the UNESCO Site “Genoa, Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli” 2020-2024 identifies three action plans:

  1. Conservation: the aim is to preserve the entire heritage site in optimal conditions and safeguard it by monitoring the state of conservation of each individual building and of the entire urban complex, while also supporting the coordination of maintenance and restoration measures and encouraging the community to participate in preserving a common asset. The envisaged measures include entertainment programmes, innovative uses of urban spaces, and the implementation of projects designed to raise awareness against vandalism.
  2. Development: this action plan considers the elements of the Site as a set of integrated resources with diversified potential and aims to support the development of tourism through the sustainable and controlled management of visitor flows and the development of satellite activities, taking into account cultural and creative – but also commercial - industries closely linked to and consistent with the values of the Site. The plan includes measures directly related to the theme of living, such as mapping unused spaces in the historical city centre and planning grants to support new economic activities.
  3. Connection: this action plan considers the Site on different levels, and sets out to develop connections, both of a physical and of an immaterial, relational kind, which can contribute to the Site’s development and efficient management. Some of the plan’s measures regard, for example, access to the historical city centre, taking into account the needs of both tourists and residents.

The three Action Plans are to be implemented by means of integrated tools and measures. For more details, download the Management Plan and check the contents of chapter 8. The Management Plan is supported by the definition of a monitoring system (chapter 9) designed to assess the benefits and impact of implementing the goals proposed, based on which it was possible to define a set of monitoring indicators and a system of incentives for the achievement of results.